Interview with Sergejs Klimakovs

1) How long do you play chess and what could you tell about yourself shortly as a chess player?

I met chess when I was 6. Unfortunately I didn't achieve much being a youngster stopped at elo 2285. Probably too lazy and too much in love with football those years.
But I am still learning. Correspondence International master since 2015.

2) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Married, with one child or alone renting bungalow at the seaside somewhere in south Asia. Right now have no idea which way has bigger probability. But almost 100% that one of them will be a reality.

3) Do you have a player who has always been your favorite and/or has inspired you?

No. I have no idols, I try to learn something best from everybody.

4) How many hours/minutes per day do you devote for chess on a daily basis? Participation in tournaments doesn't count!

I would say 1-1.5 hours daily. (if we are not counting chess lessons for pupils as well (which is 2nd part of my chess hobby))
I am research director in a huge media holding, so chess is only a hobby, but Correspondence chess and preparation of lessons for children takes time.

5) Name your three best and worst characteristics!

Best: Result-oriented, deeply honest, realist but romantic
Worst: Sometimes too deeply honest, not very friendly, allergic to stupidity

6) Former World Champion Bobby Fischer once said that chess is life. What do you think?

Who is Bobby and who am I to dispute with him. But anyway, I believe life gives us many interesting opportunities, not just a chess.

7) Could you win Magnus Carlsen in a match with a pawn handicap in every game?

In correspondence chess definitely 🙂

8) What future do you see for online chess?

Everything depends on forecast horizon. Next 10-20 years I don't see any problem with it. And then, hard to say where technology will bring us.

9) What's the last book you have read which is not about chess?

Black swan by Nassim Taleb and Snowball by Alice Schroeder. I read them both at the same time. And not for the first time 🙂

10) And finally, what do you expect from the Pro Chess League?

To have fun and to help a team doing my best.

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