Interview with Nikita Meskovs

1) How long do you play chess and what could you tell about yourself shortly as a chess player?

I started to play chess in a very early childhood. When I was 4 my grandfather showed me the game. At first I gnawed some pieces from our chess set but with time things have changed. So basically I am playing chess all my life. 6 times I won Latvian Youth Championship in my age group, got 2nd place in Latvian Championship in 2016 and the same year I played for the national Latvian team in Baku Olympiad. My rating peak in classical chess was this year in February – 2518. In 2017 I’m going to become a Grandmaster!

2) How do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I will be in top 100 chess players in the world, to write a book and engage in coaching.

3) Do you have a player who has always been your favorite and/or has inspired you?

In childhood I had Capablanca’s book and really liked to read it and now it’s always enjoyable to watch how Magnus Carlsen is playing. However personally I prefer attacking and dynamic playing styles, so any kind of chess creativity inspires me pretty much!

4) How many hours/minutes per day do you devote for chess on a daily basis? Participation in tournaments doesn't count!

I would say it’s more about quality, not quantity. Usually for me it takes around 3-4 hours per day. I work with my coach either by myself at home with chess players' best friend – the computer.

5) Name your three best and worst characteristics!

Three best characteristic: understanding of what I want to achieve, confidence and the main thing – I love chess. Three worst: error 404.

6) Former World Champion Bobby Fischer once said that chess is life. What do you think?

You can look at life through the lens of chess. For me life is not limited to chess, but they are a stunning decoration.

7) Could you win Magnus Carlsen in a match with a pawn handicap in every game?

After some time, let’s see what happens in our match without any pawn handicap.

8) What future do you see for online chess?

I think chess on the Internet more and more to be developed because there are many chess sites and projects associated to them. And people like to have fun in internet, playing chess!

9) What's the last book you have read which is not about chess?

Last book I have read was of the French publicist Andre Morua “Hopes and memories”.

10) And finally, what do you expect from the Pro Chess League?

I’m expecting a lot of fun, fighting spirit and gold medals!

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